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JUNE 2023
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  Review Articles
1 Recent Developments in Microemulsion Based Transungual Delivery System
Anupama R, S. Rajarajan, Beny Baby, Tejas. R and K Ramesh
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Research Articles

2 Development and In-vitro Evaluation of Solid dispersion of Resveratrol
Gulnar Tabassum, Mr. Subhash PG, Dr.A Geethalakshmi, Pavan Kumar.
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3 Formulation and Evaluation of Ion Activated In-Situ Gelling System of Sucralfate for Stomach Ulcer
257- 266
Dr.A Geethalakshmi, Shilpa D C, Adithi M.D, Brosh Khan, Ashok Kumar, Riyaju
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4 Formulation and Evaluation of Hair Nourishing Shampoo Containing Guava Leaves
Akila E, A Geethalakshmi, R Zohmingliani, Revathy A Pillai
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5 Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Disintegrating Pioglitazone Hydrochloride Tablet
Dr.A Geethalakshmi, Ms. Liji Chacko, Mr. Robin Roy, Ms. Rehana Sakkeer, Ms. Risahulin Warjri.
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6 Development and In-vitro Evaluation of Zolmitriptan Mucoadhesive Buccal Tablets 283-292
Subham Gupta,Mr.K.Mahalingan,Dr.A Geethalakshmi,Pushpa Sahani
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7 Formualtion and Evaluation of Polyherbal Vanishing Cream of Ethanolic Extract of Crude Drugs. 293-299
Mrs.Sujatha P Muchalambe, A Geethalakshmi, Dharmashree.S, Salmanul Faris T, Soumyadip Manna.
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8 Design, Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Novel α, β-Unsaturated Ketones 300-305
Dilsana U, Nihala PH, Nihla SN, Aswini S, Sudharshan R and Baskar L
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